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Lucas Oil services include inspections, maintenance, installations, and more. Our services are designed to help customers get the most
value out of the tools, equipment, and devices they
put into their systems and help them become more
efficient and profitable.
We offer a professional  services to our customer such as


Computer Check & General Checkups

Don’t skip the simple things! The best way to keep your car running smoothly is by getting regular check-ups. Checking Gear Oil , Transmission Oil, Brake Fluid, Differential Oil and

Flush Service

Flush your car with Lucas Oil and let us clean it up for you. Engine flush, transmission flush, radiator flush and power steering system flush are just a few of

Brake Disc Skimming

Our Skimming Hub services are designed to give you high quality and care. When you need to remove a skim, we will bring the new skimmer straight out to you

Brake Pads Changing

Brake Pads are an important part of your vehicle’s braking system. When worn or damaged it is important to replace them promptly as they can cause damage to other parts

Fuel Filter Change

Your fuel filter is vital to the proper performance of your vehicle. If your fuel filter becomes clogged, then it may stop your engine from running properly or cause it

Spark Plugs Changing

It’s important to keep your car running in tip-top shape and spark plugs are the key. Lucas Oil can help you maintain the life of your vehicle by providing spark

GDI System Cleaning

GDI Cleaning is a service by Lucas Oil that will help clean up your fuel system. Oftentimes the fuel system can get in a “sludge” condition, causing poor performance and

Throttle Cleaning

Tired of your car revving too high? Have an older vehicle that doesn’t idle well? Lucas Throttle cleaning products are just the thing you need. Cleans and lubricates throttle shafts,

Fuel System Cleaning

Lucas Fuel Treatment is designed to increase power, fuel mileage and lower emissions. Designed to work in both new and high-mileage engines, Lucas Fuel Treatment cleans fuel injectors, carburetors and

Heavy Duty Greasing

It’s time to let Lucas Heavy Duty grease your vehicles and machines. Lucas Heavy Duty Grease is designed to last longer and deliver better protection than other lubricants on the

Transaxle Oil Change

At Lucas Oil we are committed to providing quality products and services that exceed our customers’ expectations. Changing your Transaxle fluid is essential for the overall performance of your vehicle.

Manual Transmission Oil Change

Your transmission works hard to keep your engine running smoothly. If you don’t make the oil change service a habit, this vital system can eventually wear out and lead to

Differential Fluid Change

Get ready to experience a smoother ride through the winding roads. Introducing Lucas Oil Differential Fluid Change that helps with keeping things running smoothly and seamlessly. Our differential fluid change

Power Steering Fluid

Do you notice a strong odor on your hands after driving? Have you noticed fluid dripping from the power steering pump? Keep your vehicle’s power steering system running at peak

Brake Fluid Change

Time for a Brake Fluid Exchange? With Lucas Oil’s brake fluid service, you can enjoy smoother, more reliable brakes and a longer life for your vehicle! Our certified technicians use

Engine Oil Change

Don’t let engine troubles prevent you from taking advantage of the season. Get your engine oil changed with Lucas Oil today and start driving with peace of mind!. Experience the

Radiator Coolant

Get the performance of a radiator coolant with mildew and corrosion protection. Use Lucas Oil Coolant to keep your engine cool in the summer, and then warm in the winter.

Transmission Fluid Change

Lucas Oil Transmission Fluid Change service is the first step in ensuring your vehicle’s transmission stays in top shape. It will help prevent problems that can lead to costly repairs,

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